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% COUNTRY TEXT Sms HT FT Big Odds Predictions Daily Betting TipsNUMBER PRICE
Russia FOR STATAREA 7733 300,00 RUB
Lithuania TXT STATAREA 1337 10.00 EUR
Spain TXT STATAREA 37729 7.26 EUR
France TXT STATAREA 81185 4.50 EUR
Macedonia FOR STATAREA 148666 or 145666 177.00 MKD
Albania TXT STATAREA 54345 120.00 ALL
Austria TXT10 STATAREA 0900330300 10.00 EUR
Kosovo TXT STATAREA 55050 1.00 EURO
Serbia FOR STATAREA 1310 960.00 RSD + 1 STANDARD SMS
Montenegro TXT STATAREA 14884 3.05 EURO
Croatia TXT4 STATAREA 866866 40.00 KN
Bulgaria TXT STATAREA 18433 6.00 BGN
Slovakia TXT STATAREA 7774 1.60 EUR
Slovenia TXT STATAREA 3838 1.99 EURO
B & H TXT STATAREA 091910706 3.00 BAM + VAT (17%)
Czech TAT6 STATAREA 90309 549.00 CZK
Poland TXT STATAREA 92518 30.75 PLN
Germany FOR15 STATAREA 89000 14.99 EUR
Switzerland DAG STATAREA 565 10.00 CHF
Romania FOR20 STATAREA 7472 20.00 EUR + VAT (20%)
Hungary TXT STATAREA 0690888448 2 032.00 HUF
Norway TXT STATAREA 2201 200.00 NOK
Sweden TXT STATAREA 72401 200.00 SEK
Greece TXT STATAREA 54345 3.65 EUR
Ukraine WLW STATAREA 6165 50.00 UAH
Denmark TXT STATAREA 1999 150.00 DKK
Finland TXT20 STATAREA 17162 20.00 EUR
Belgium TXT STATAREA 3315 4.00 EUR
SERBIA: Cena: 960,00 RSD sa PDV + 1 standart sms
Podrška: Our Email Address Mobilna Naplata: fortumo.com
CROATIA: Cijena: 40,00 KN
Podrška: Our Email Address | +385 1 638 8135 Mobilni plaćanja fortumo.com
Tehnička podrška(davatelj usluge): Telekomunikacijske usluge d.o.o., Međimurska 28, 42000 Varaždin, MB: 070096612, OIB 12385860076. Tel: 042 500 871.

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